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If you have a program that you would like to include on the Nevada STEM Pipeline, please review the information below before submitting your information to ensure that your program meets all the requirements for inclusion on the website.
Guidelines for Submission:
Information submitted must be a Nevada program, event, or opportunity and related to one or more of the goals of the Nevada STEM Pipeline - see below:
  • Increase statewide participation in Nevada STEM by providing coordinated information and educational “pipeline” opportunities.
  • Increase access to STEM learning opportunities within Nevada for all students, including women and those from underrepresented groups such as Native-American, Hispanic-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and African-American populations.
  • Provide a statewide clearinghouse of STEM pipeline programs available to K-12 students and teachers, undergraduate, and graduate students in the state of Nevada.
  • Provide a statewide clearinghouse of STEM pipeline programs available to Nevada community members. 

Submission Categories:  

When submitting information for multiple programs, events, or opportunities, please fill out a submission form for each. Information submitted should fall into one or more of the following categories. For search purposes, it is important to indicate all the categories that apply.
  1. Program: This category includes any Nevada STEM-related service, opportunity, or project in which K-12 students, teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and/or community members participate.
  2. Financial Resource: This category includes any STEM-related service, opportunity, or project that provides a monetary incentive such as a scholarship, fellowship, award, or stipend. This would also include any grant opportunities that your program may offer. 
  3. Conference or Event: This includes Nevada STEM-related meetings, conferences, events, workshops, training opportunities, and is geared toward students, teachers, and/or community members.
  4. Organization: This includes formal Nevada STEM-related organizations, educational centers, or associations within school districts, colleges or universities, and/or community, etc.
 Who Can Submit a Program?
Submissions should only be made by somebody who is officially associated with that particular program, event, or opportunity. 

1. Program / Event / Opportunity Title:
2. Sponsoring Organization:
3. Description: (75 word limit)
4. Submission Type (It is important to mark all that apply): Submission Type Information

5. Target Audience: Target Audience Information

6. Specific Eligibility Criteria (if applicable - 25 word limit):
7. Event Date
Event Start Date: Event End Date:
8. Length of Event:
9. Location of Program/Event (if applicable):
10. Other Location Information:
11. Cost to Attend – registration fee, etc. (if applicable):
12. Award Stipend Amount to Student (if applicable):
Contact Information
13. First Name:
14. Last Name:
15. Address 1:
16. Address 2:
17. Phone:
18. Email:
19. Website:
I agree that I am authorized to submit information on behalf of my program/organization. I also understand and agree that this information will be available to the public and that my contact information may be shared publicly to promote STEM education opportunities. I also understand that this website is intended for Nevada STEM-related programs, events, resources, and opportunities and Nevada STEM Pipeline staff are not obligated to post any submissions to the directory that do not align with the programs goals and objectives.

Enter the characters in as seen in the image above.
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